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Meet the team

2021 revealed many things

2021 revealed many things – most notably, our team’s resilience in the face of uncertainty and clients who are committed to trusting us as their local builder. Who else entered 2021 hoping that all the challenges of 2020 were long behind us? As COVID-19 lingered into another year, the pandemic’s effects continued to impact our […]

Meet the team in charge of building your dream home

Building your dream home takes up precious time, energy and money, so it’s important you feel confident that your builder will deliver a home that is beautiful, functional and built to last. At Hamlan, we agree.

What makes Hamlan ‘Distinctively Local’?

With so many volume builders on the market, it can be hard to find a builder that truly stands out from the pack. For Hamlan, the distinction is easy — we’re distinctively local.

Hamlan has remained true to its roots since 1983 when it was established in Anglesea after the Ash Wednesday fires. During that time Hamlan identified a new approach to residential development for our region and filled a growing need for purposeful homes with architectural flair.

Meet our team, Chris Dooling

New home consultant Chris Dooling has been selling new homes for more than 20 years — and still has an unwavering passion for it.

Why being a local builder is important to us

One of the truly special things about Hamlan is that we’re local through and through. And we’re not just talking about the staff, we’re so dedicated to supporting local business and local people that when it comes to our trades and our suppliers, we’ll choose a local company every time.

Women on site: a new generation of female builders

Here at Hamlan, it’s not uncommon to see women working on our building sites and even less uncommon to see a woman running a site.

Meet the Team – Josh Liston Operations Manager

We caught up with our operations manager, Josh Liston and asked him a few questions about his career and his role with Hamlan. Josh joined the Hamlan team eight years ago as a supervisor and for the past three years has been our operations manager where he oversees the production of jobs to go onsite.

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