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Introducing: our Johanna 201 and Johanna 257

After so much interest in our new Johanna 247 design, the Hamlan design team have developed two new Johanna floorplans to join the Aspect range. The central courtyard is still an important design feature in these two new homes and it creates an easy flow to your outdoor area, whether you have an outlook you […]

How to heat and cool your dream home

We all have a list of must-have features for our dream home—and if you value comfort—heating and cooling would be one of them.

New designs revealed: Johanna 274 and Echo facade

Our Hamlan design team have been busy creating the latest home design to join our Aspect range—and now you can see it for yourself.

How we created a dream lifestyle property with Hamlan

Take a drive out to the Surf Coast locality of Paraparap and you’ll find traditional farmhouses typical of any farming area across Victoria. But at George and Liz’s Paraparap farm you’ll find a home that is anything but traditional.

What’s the best material for your home’s façade?

Have you thought about what your dream home facade would look like? Our guess is yes! And for valid reasons—street appeal is important! You want your home to add value to the location it’s in, whether it’s a new estate on the Surf Coast, an established tree-lined street in Newtown or an acreage in Barrabool.

How we build energy efficient homes

What is an energy efficient home? And why is that important? For many of us, talking about energy efficiency in your dream home isn’t one of the most thrilling parts of the building process, particularly when you could be choosing wall tiles for your bathroom or the cabinetry in your kitchen. But it should be! This important element of your design process is not just about energy consumption numbers and installing solar panels — by being clever in the design of your home, you’ll not only consume less energy and lower your bills, you’ll have a more comfortable home all year round. A more comfortable home equals healthier and happier occupants — and that’s exactly what you want!

Our First Lifestyle Range home completed

Our first ever Lifestyle Range home has been built, securing a bright future for a single dad and his young son. Hamlan’s Lifestyle Range is a Geelong first and offers people an affordable range of universal house designs suitable for people with disabilities and the ageing population.

Double-glazed windows and doors now standard

When you live in our part of the world it’s not unusual to experience four seasons in one day! So when it comes to building your new home, you’ll want a home that is consistently comfortable and safe no matter what the conditions are outside.

Building a home that’s the perfect fit for you

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to spend more time at home than ever before and had us asking the question—is this home working for me?

A first look at our new Kalimna 240

Hamlan’s Kalimna 240 is a home designed for coastal living.

A walkthrough Eve and James’ modern farmhouse

Surrounded by the rolling hills of Barrabool is Eve and James Coates’ modern farmhouse — a custom-built Hamlan home for a couple who love the outdoors.

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