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How Anna and Steve built a new life in Bannockburn in their Hamlan acreage home.

As life grows in stages, what we need, want, and dream of in our home grows with us. Our kids get bigger, our lives get busier, and our hobbies get broader leading to the need for more space and a change of pace. The situation Anna and Steves’ situation was one many parents are familiar […]

8 great reasons to choose a knockdown rebuild

It’s a common occurrence – to look around your home and come to a profound realisation that you’ve fallen out of love with it. When the feeling dawns on you, you start to explore your options. You might consider building a new home, but you love where you live. You might go down the path […]

Why are acreage homes the next big thing in luxury homes?

Are you looking to escape the city and adopt a more relaxed pace of life in the country? Perhaps, like thousands of Australians, the Covid pandemic has presented a chance for you to work remotely, and given you the opportunity to live out your dream of building a luxury home on a large block of […]

How to find your interior design style

We all know what we like when it comes to how a home looks but how do you translate that into your own dream home? Getting your interior design exactly to your taste is one of the greatest things you can achieve when building a home. And to do this, it’s important to bring the […]

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