Choosing the right windows for your home

When building your new home, you need to consider your window options to enhance the functionality and design of each living space and also to maximise views, ventilation and visual impact.

Here are the most common window options for you to consider:

Sliding windows – these contemporary classics are a versatile option suited to practically any application. The sliding feature of their sash can manoeuvre along rails to create an opening that provides ventilation, abundance of light and expansive views.

Awning windows are aesthetically pleasing and offer a solid, sturdy frame that will heighten any home design. Their design features a chain winder system that allows them to open in a diagonal fashion from the hinge.

Casement windows offer a bold design that suits both traditional and modern homes. The open out sash provides outstanding ventilation while the design is effective in any weather. Casement windows are enclosed by a sturdy frame, which allows them to be hinged from either vertical edge. They are a great choice when considering your facade design and also fit anywhere else in the home.

Bi-fold windows are becoming more popular and are a perfect solution for creating that seamless in-door out-door space. They are ideal for entertaining and can even be provided with an extended sill that can be used as a servery.  Just imagine those hot summer days having lazy drinks with friends.

Double-hung windows are a unique design that combines classic styling with contemporary operation. State of the art mechanisms allow double hung windows to open and close with ease, without compromising design. Sashes can even be removed very simply for the ability to clean.

With so many options available, there’s a window solution for every home style to optimise light, airflow and design.

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