Keeping your home warm over winter

Choosing the right heating system for your home will keep you cosy throughout winter and can also help reduce your energy bills. As obvious as it sounds, the four most commonly forms of heating are:

Ducted Gas Heating:
If your home is connected to a main or bottle gas supply then ducted gas heating can be a cost-effective option for both installing and running.

Ducted gas heating distributes warm air via a series of ducts that are connected to vents fitted into either your ceiling or floor.

One of the disadvantages of this option is that it circulates dust through the house which can cause issues to allergy sufferers if yearly maintenance on the ducts are not maintained.

Split-systems are a great option if you’re looking to heat specific rooms of your home. These electric systems use a heat pump to distribute warm air into the room. Today’s split-systems can be very efficient. Systems with inverter technology monitor the room temperature to maintain your desired level of warmth. Some split-systems conserve energy by using motion sensors that slows the system down when you’re not using the room.

Hydronic heating
Hydronic heating circulates hot water through panels that are either fitted to your walls or installed underfloor in your slab. Although hydronic heating is the most expensive up front option to heat your home, it produces a radiant heat with very low running costs and really does give you a comfortable feeling home.

Hydronic panels can be turned off so that you’re not heating areas of your home which aren’t being used.

Wood and Gas Fireplaces
Open fireplaces create an ambience to your home. Nothing is cosier than the family sitting by the open fire on cold days. And who doesn’t love a toasted marshmallow.

Open fireplaces come in wood or gas options both of which create comfort and warmth for you room. Some fireplaces can also be connected to an extraction fan system to transfer the heat to other rooms of your home.

Having the right heating will definitely help you survive the cooler months but there are some other steps you can take to keep your home warm.

Engaging a reputable builder that values great design, maximising the correct orientation to achieve 6-8 star rating for your home, draught proofing and providing the simplest form of heating control in blinds, will always set your path on the right track.

Of course, it’s also important to dress for the cooler weather so pull out your woolly jumpers and stay warm this winter.

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