Our top 5 trends in new homes

Spring is here and with the change of season comes the urge to refresh and remake your home. And with interior design ever-evolving, it can be difficult to work out what trends are here to stay, and which to avoid at all costs.

Thankfully, the interior team here at Hamlan always have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to design trends.

Earlier this year they attended the Den Fair—one of the country’s leading design events for designers, architects, interior stylists and design enthusiasts.

At Den Fair, our Hamlan team were some of the first to see the latest products to emerge in the world of interior design.

And what they observed was a move away from the minimal Scandinavian interior design that has been dominating the world of interiors in recent years. Instead, they saw a shift toward more colour, earthy tones and textures, and sustainable materials.

And these trends are already making their way into the homes we’re building now.

Coming into Spring, here are the Hamlan interior team’s top five trends in new homes:

1. Colour is back
It’s no longer about white on white. People are now feeling more adventurous when it comes to colour. The earthy tonal range that was popular in the ‘70s is making a return, colours from forest green to mustard to terracotta.

Subtle pops of pastel colours are making a return and for a brighter, bolder aesthetic, colours such as turquoise green, navy, gold and fuschia are proving most popular.

Colour is being used sparingly and teamed with more neutral tones, whether it be a hero piece of furniture, such as an armchair, or in tiling, a splashback or bathware.

Erskine 225 display, Ocean Grove

2. Natural products are making a statement
Designers are finding inspiration in nature and we’re loving it. Products made of natural materials and textures are becoming statement items in the home.

From stone and marble splashbacks to rattan and Vienna straw furniture, the addition of natural textures is a sensorial delight. The beauty of natural materials is it has tactile appeal and can easily add a sense of warmth and comfort to a space.

In addition to that, timber-look or timber finishes are also growing in popularity. In particular, walnut is proving popular in our urban home builds. For our coastal homes, the lighter look of Oak continues to be a favourite.

For flooring, the new Hickory flooring, an engineered flooring which is often mistaken for solid timber is a terrific choice for new homes. This handcrafted flooring is chisel cut to achieve its rustic timber look.

3. Simplicity is key for lighting
When it comes to lighting, the trend is moving toward simple geometric lighting. Designers have found the beauty in simple structural lines and modular shapes to create new lighting options that have nods to the Art Deco era.

They’re also finding lighting inspiration in industrial design. This can also be seen in the Linear lighting now on the market. Simple and sophisticated—linear lighting is a wise choice for a clean contemporary look. Linear lighting is brilliant in that it can come in different materials. Although a modern look, there are options of using organic textures —including timber—in your linear lighting, which can be seen in our Buckley 279 display in Mt Duneed.

4. Curves are in
Who doesn’t love curves? Like the previous trends mentioned, this new trend is taking inspiration from the retro interior style of the ‘70s. The latest designs in furniture and fixtures have soft, contoured lines—a stark contrast to the once-popular hard-edged finishes of previous years. What we’re loving about this, is the touch of warmth and femininity curves can bring to a space.

Congo Relax Chair from Easterly Living

5. Timeless facades that suit their location
The trend for exterior design is moving toward facade designs that can stand the test of time.

For Hamlan, when it comes to materials our clients are opting for linea board by James Hardie. This weatherboard cladding creates a very similar look to the many traditional Federation and Californian bungalow homes that are found in our region. The great thing about this James Hardie product is it doesn’t rot like timber weatherboards. And with our popular Prism facade, it provides a modern exterior design that won’t look out of place in any street across our region.

The appeal to nature that can be seen in our interior trends is also extending to exteriors. People are seeking exterior materials that suit the landscapes of our region. PGH Bricks latest Fresh Naturals range is filling this demand. This range is inspired by nature and comes in hues of green, soft browns, sand and bronze, in what they describe as the “perfect palette for creating a serene, relaxed ambience”. And we couldn’t agree more, the soft tones of this brick allow the home to sit naturally in any location—whether it’s on the coast or in the country.

The top trends to look out for in 2020 are all about getting back to nature, both internally and externally. Colour is back. The earthy tonal colours that were popular in the ‘70s— forest green, mustard and terracotta, as well as pastels and bright colour such as turquoise and fuschia are in. But when it comes to its use—less is more, with pops of colour in furniture, tiling or bathware.

Natural products are becoming hero pieces. People are attracted to the tactile feel and the warm look of materials such as rattan, Vienna straw, timber and stone.

Simplicity is key for lighting. Geometic lighting with nods to the Art Deco era are growing in popularity. Linear lighting is providing a clean, modern look that can be incorporated into the organic, natural look of some homes.

Curves are in—and for good reason. Another trend that harks back to the ‘70s, curved lines in furniture and fittings can create a feminine look to a room. Timeless facades that suit their location. People are wanting homes that sit perfectly among a landscape and are choosing materials accordingly. We’re finding that our more traditional facades are proving most popular for people who want homes that stand the test of time.

When you build a Hamlan home, you will experience a session with one of our expert style consultants who can guide you through the selection of fixtures and finishes of your new home.

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