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8 great reasons to choose a knockdown rebuild

It’s a common occurrence – to look around your home and come to a profound realisation that you’ve fallen out of love with it. When the feeling dawns on you, you start to explore your options. You might consider building a new home, but you love where you live. You might go down the path […]

Step inside: A striking custom home for a Torquay lifestyle

The beauty of building lies in how it enables you to truly create a dream home that’s exactly how you’ve always wanted. For serial renovators Katie and Steven—who spent years buying, renovating and selling —building was the natural next step to achieving their dream home. “There were things that we’ve learned over our renovations that […]

Will I need to spend extra money on upgrades to my home?

If you’re a fan of TV shows like Grand Designs, then you’d have learnt that if you’re building your dream home you should never compromise on the quality of the build’s fixtures and fittings.