Building on a sloping block

  • Andrew Carroll

Building on a sloping block will result in a home design that captures the sweeping coastal or rural views.  Imagine eating breakfast at your kitchen bench while watching the bird life start their day or spending your nights on your deck watching the sunset.

When designed well, homes on a sloping block can also have an intriguing design with zoned living areas that suit today’s modern living standards. However, before you take the plunge and buy yourself a sloping block, you should be aware of some of the challenges you will face.

Not all builders will tackle a sloping block so I recommend you shop around for one with lots of experience. When selecting your builder, ask to see some examples of their homes, this should prove if they are experts in this area and if they are able to back up what they are selling you.

When building on a slope you need to allow additional costs for preparing your site as it’s likely to need cutting and filling. If you’re able to design your home to work with the slope, you may be able to limit the amount of excavation and retaining walls required. Working with the lay of the land will  help in controlling costs and will give the best end result.

Drainage from your site is another important area you need to plan for. Water control around your property is essential, the correctly designed and maintained stormwater plan can be the key to a long and defect free home. If your home is positioned down a hill you need to consider where pools of water may collect and build retaining walls to prevent any potential erosion of your site.

Another consideration is the connection of your home to the outdoor areas. Take care in planning where your entertainment areas will be situated and remember to consider access to your home to make sure vehicles and pedestrians can easily enter and exit. Everyone wants to live in a practical, well designed home.

Yes, there are challenges to building on a sloping block, but if you work with an experienced builder and design a home that works in with the natural fall of the land, I think the benefits of capturing a beautiful view will far outweigh these.

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