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Knockdown rebuild

Same Geelong location, new Hamlan house

Love your current location, but want to live in a new house? When it’s time for a change, your brand new home is only a ‘knockdown rebuild’ away.

Knockdown rebuilds have gained popularity throughout Geelong and the Surf Coast region, appealing to clients who have invested years in nurturing connections with their neighbours and their local community so they want to continue living at the same address. However, as their families grow, their current home is lacking space, functionality or efficiency. Often, these ageing properties demand extensive maintenance, lack energy efficiency, and result in exorbitant expenses to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the seasons.

We provide a seamless process for knocking down your existing house so you can rebuild a new dream home remaining on the block you love without all the complexities of relocating elsewhere.

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What is a knockdown rebuild?

A knockdown rebuild project refers to the process of demolishing an existing dwelling on a property and constructing a new house in its place. This approach is popular among homeowners who want to build their dream house while also saving money compared to buying a new property or renovating it.

In many cases, renovating an older home to meet modern standards can be expensive due to the need for extensive upgrades and repairs. Knocking down the old structure eliminates these renovation costs.

Knockdown rebuilds are cost-effective because they allow homeowners to utilise existing land and infrastructure such as utilities, driveways, and landscaping. Instead of purchasing a new lot, homeowners can maximise the potential of their existing property by starting fresh with a new home design that better suits their needs and preferences, and is more energy efficient.

Those who opt for a knockdown rebuild can have the flexibility to design a custom home tailored to their lifestyle, incorporating modern features and technologies that may not be present in older dwellings.

Constructing a new, modern home can also significantly increase the overall value of the property—a smart investment providing a solid return in the long run.

What’s involved in a knockdown rebuild?

1. Site assessment

The first step in the process of a knockdown rebuild is to assess the site. Our new home consultants will use online tools, site visits and conversations with you to review your land and plans for demolition. We investigate the soil, drainage and slope of the site, any height restrictions, the surrounding environment, and services connections (existing and proposed). We’ll also carry out a planning assessment (if applicable).

2. Design phase

In this phase, Hamlan will work with you to find the perfect design. Options include choosing one of our existing plans and façades (the most straight forward and economical option) or we can start from scratch and design a custom home.

Either way, we’ll look at every aspect of your new home – orientation, floorplan, materials and finishes, energy efficiency and more – to ensure it is tailored to your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Custom designing a home

3. Planning Process

Hamlan can handle the whole planning process – all the way through to endorsement. With 40 years’ experience of designing and building homes across Geelong, we’re experts in working through this process and will support you the whole way through.

After completing the design of your new home, we then apply for planning approval (if applicable). This is the stage where all the technical details of your project must be agreed upon and submitted to the relevant governing bodies. As every block is different, we will run you through what is stated within the planning permit and ensure all conditions are met. Hamlan is ideally placed to look after this stage of the process without any hiccups.

4. Contract signing and permit application

Once all the paperwork is completed including your contract, we can then apply for your building and demolition permit.

You will need to organise for the services to be abolished and you’ll need to move out of your home into temporary accommodation while the hard work happens.

It’s worth noting that sometimes the abolishment of services can take up to six weeks, so if you’re in a position to move out of your home earlier and organise this sooner, this may reduce any delay progressing to the next stages of the process.

5. Demolition

We then arrange for the demolition of your existing home through an experienced demolition contractor. They will advise on the best way to demolish the existing home and ensure it is done safely and efficiently.

Demolitions need a permit from your local government, which most demolition contractors can arrange faster due to experience. Both a Demolition Permit and a Building Permit from the local council are needed before starting a project.

6. Building your new home

Once the old building has been demolished, we begin to build your dream home!

7. Move in!

At last – your dream home is ready for you to move into! This is the most exciting day of the entire process. All you need to do is move in and enjoy your new home for years to come.


Why knockdown and rebuild?

Knocking down and rebuilding a home can be a savvy and less stressful choice for both home builders and homeowners looking for a fresh start in a location they already love. Here’s why it’s often a smart move:

Save Money: While it might seem counterintuitive, a knockdown rebuild can save you money compared to buying land and building from scratch. You can avoid the costs associated with purchasing a new lot, such as stamp duty and legal expenses.

Additionally, since you’re working with an existing property, you have more control over costs. You can choose the level of customisation and upgrades based on your budget, making it a more manageable financial commitment.

Don’t have an existing property? Check out our house and land packages here.

Convenience: Choosing a knockdown rebuild allows you to stay in the neighbourhood you love while still enjoying the benefits of a new home. This convenience eliminates the need for a major move, allowing you to maintain your connections to the local community, schools, and amenities.

With knockdown rebuilds, you can also avoid the complexities often experienced by new home buyers dealing with multiple parties, negotiating land prices, and navigating the intricacies of the real estate market.

Customisation: One of the biggest advantages of a knockdown rebuild is the ability to customise every aspect of your new home. From the layout and floorplan to the materials and finishes, you have full control over creating a space that perfectly suits your family’s needs, preferences, and current lifestyle.

Up-to-Code Construction: New home builds are required to adhere to the National Construction Codes, ensuring that your home is safe, sustainable, and accessible. By starting fresh with a knockdown rebuild, you can guarantee that your home meets all the latest building standards, providing a better-performing and more energy-efficient living experience.

Future-Proofing: Building a new home allows you to incorporate modern design features and technologies that enhance comfort, convenience, and longevity. From energy-efficient design elements to smart home automation, a knockdown rebuild can future-proof your home and make it more adaptable to evolving needs and lifestyle changes over time.

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