Frame 1500, Hamlan

Our Process

Throughout the journey you will receive regular updates from us on the progress of your home.

Building with us


Your journey starts here

Chat to one of our experienced new home consultants to find a floorplan to suit your lifestyle.



Make your home your own

Your new home consultant will guide you through the list of our options to personalise your design and will then provide a proposal for your build.


Getting down and dirty

Now that we have determined all your needs, we require some information about your land that will help us to determine your site costs. A deposit will enable us to perform a soil test and survey as well as produce your preliminary plans.


Time to get stylish

It’s now time to make this house your home. Our style consultant will guide you through the selection of your internal and external finishes. This experience is a highlight for many clients and a pivotal moment in visualising your dream home coming together.


The final touches

Together with your sales consultant you will now review your plans, colours and finishes. This is your last opportunity to check that we have accurately captured all of your requests prior to contracts.


Contract signing

This critical part of the process is where all the details of your build are reviewed with your new home consultant before you sign your contract.


Behind the scenes

Between signing contracts and the start of construction, you will need to obtain formal finance approval. Our team will be busy finalising the building permits and order all of the materials for your new home.


Meet your site manager

A unique part of our process is that you will meet your site manager prior to site start. Once construction commences your site manager will provide you with weekly updates on how your new home is progressing.



We can now start building. You can be confident in Hamlan’s craftsmanship and knowing that you’ll be kept up to date along the way.


Move in!!

Congratulations! Sooner than you think you’ll be enjoying your dream home

Our local partners As the saying goes, you’re only as good as the company you keep, which is why we like to align ourselves with like-minded suppliers to deliver only the very best homes to our customers.
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