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Split-level homes

Geelong’s expert sloping block builders for split-level homes

With over 40 years of experience building on local landscapes, we’re experienced sloping block builders in creating split-level home designs to suit sloping blocks in Geelong.

We’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the demands of our region. Look anywhere around our growing region and you’ll notice more blocks are being released on sloping sites.

People often think they need a custom design builder to design and build a home for a block like this — but that is not the case. In Hamlan’s latest Aspect Range, we have five split-level homes to meet the demand for this growing need.

Building on a sloping block?

Choosing a sloping block of land to build your dream home comes with its own unique set of challenges. But by working with the best sloping block builders, you can enjoy an easy building experience from the design process through construction.

Sloping blocks are a great option when it comes to price and the opportunity to capture amazing views. Plus, building on a sloping block can create a truly spectacular home.

We’re experts in building on sloping blocks. Hamlan has over 40 years of experience building homes across the Geelong region, Surf Coast and the Great Ocean Road.

We believe the key to building your dream home on a sloping block is finding an experienced and innovative sloping block builder who understands these challenges and has the solutions to build a home that will stand the test of time.

Our range of split-level home designs cleverly maximises space and functionality. Outdoor connections are carefully designed so that they’re practical for both pedestrian and vehicle access, and several of our split level designs provide the appearance of a single-storey home on one side and double-storey on the other (like Hopetoun 259 LS and Sheoak 294 LS).

We’ve taken advantage of the presence of multiple levels to create living zones – separating bedrooms from open-plan entertaining areas for extra privacy, adding rumpus/family rooms, and situating study areas away from the hubbub of the main house (like Hopetoun 267 HS and Hopkins 250). Each of our sloping block house designs can be further customised to suit your needs.

Hamlan’s experience with all types of ‘unconventional’ blocks – whether sloping uphill, downhill, sideways or with an unusual shape – means we ensure that retaining walls and stormwater design are suitable for your sloped block. We also include energy-efficient design features as standard and consider optimal orientation to maximise natural light and the view!

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The benefits of split-level home designs


Maximise functionality and space

Because no single floor covers the entire footprint of the house, split-level house plans are typically divided into staggered levels – a main floor, upper floor and basement. This floor plan is a unique strength of split-level homes as their efficient use of space and the ability to create separate living zones within one home make them ideal for families with multiple needs.


Split-level house design also gives you the option to increase privacy between different living spaces. This is perfect if you have family members who wish to have their own private rooms or spaces (older relatives or teenagers, for example).

Natural light

Hamlan always considers the maximisation of natural light in our home designs and our split-level homes are no different. We look at optimal orientations and placing windows in strategic locations across levels to take full advantage of sunlight and reduce your energy bills.


Sloped blocks often have a more reasonable price tag, but one of the considerations when building on either an uphill or downhill slope is the additional costs you will incur just from preparing the sloping site — as it may need cutting and filling. A split-level house works with the lay of the land and reduces the need to cut into a sloping block, reducing the need for large retaining walls.


Hamlan’s split-level home designs include a range of energy efficiency measures as standard – Solar ChargePack including Tesla Powerwall. Further energy efficiency options can be customised for your needs.

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