10 questions to ask your builder before paying your deposit

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Building your first home is a rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful, not to mention the information overload!

Luckily, if you work with a proficient builder, they won’t have any objections to answering all and any questions you may have. Although builders may refer to the contract as “standard paperwork”, keep in mind that this is a legally binding agreement – so best get all the questions out of the way before committing anything to paper.

1. Is there flexibility to make changes to the standard floorplans?

If you’re selecting a standard floorplan from a builder’s range you may want to personalised the home to suit your lifestyle better. Ask the builder if it’s possible to make changes and what additional costs you may incurr.

2. Who’s the point of contact through the build?

Every builder approaches this differently. At Hamlan, before construction starts, you’ll meet your site manager and discuss all aspects of the build. The site manager will send weekly updates on the progress of your home and invite you out to the site after each stage of construction.

3 . Does the builder offer sustainable building features?

As the first builder in Geelong to offer Tesla Powerwall as part of our standard inclusions, every Hamlan home now has this feature. Other ​​energy-efficiency features of our homes include double-glazed windows and doors and a heat pump hot water system.

4. How much is the deposit and how do I pay?

A trustworthy builder should be honest about the costs to build your home. Discuss all potential site costs, inclusions, and upgrades, and make sure you understand what deposit is required and how the progress payments for the build will work.

5. Can I speak to my building supervisor throughout the build?

We believe that truly great results are achieved through communication and personal service. At Hamlan, your site manager will provide you with weekly updates on how your new home is progressing. We recommend you ask any questions or concerns you may have during these weekly conversations.

6.What’s the quality assurance process to ensure a high standard of craftsmanship?

Our experienced site team understand how important building homes are for our clients and strictly follow our Quality Assurance process. Our Quality Assurance process involves numerous checks in addition to supporting photographs that we keep on record before construction can progress to the next stage.

7. Is there a maintenance process after the handover of the home?

Find out if your builder has a maintenance process and what exactly this involves. At Hamlan our maintenance supervisor visits clients’ homes 3 months after handover, where we will walk through every room of the home to check for any issues. Where some builders require teams of staff to work on the maintenance issues which arise after an owner has moved into their new home, at Hamlan it only takes a two-person team (our maintenance supervisor and building administrator) which is a reflection on the quality of homes that we handover to our clients.

8. When can you start and how long will it take?

Establishing a timeline is important so you can make necessary living arrangements. Take into account that weather, council issues or material shortages that could lead to delays, which are outside the builder’s control.

9. Can you guarantee that the price won’t change?

Most builders produce a fixed-price contract. Once signed, you can rest assured that there won’t be any unpleasant or unexpected surprises.

10. Are you a local builder?

It is good to opt for a local builder with experience and knowledge of local council requirements, established contractors and suppliers who has a solid knowledge of local landscapes and will be able to recommend the most suitable design and materials for your block.

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