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The Positive Impact of Solar Energy for Hamlan Clients

Hamlan has been building homes with solar panels and a battery as part of our standard inclusion for more than five years. We were the first builder in Geelong to offer the Tesla battery with backup as standard. Our clients have been drawn to Hamlan because of the environmental impact of this sustainable energy option, […]

Explore the Erskine 250: Your Ideal Home on the Bellarine Peninsula

Nestled on the enchanting Bellarine Peninsula, where coastal beauty meets a laid-back lifestyle, lies Sanctuary Springs estate. It’s here that we proudly present our latest display home: the Erskine 250, featuring the stunning Stellar Facade. Stellar Facade The Stellar façade boasts modern, clean lines and a dramatic skillion roofline that seamlessly extends inside the home, […]

How Hamlan Uses Passive House Design Principles

For decades, Australian homes have been the wrong kind of passive. They’ve been passive about energy efficiency instead of being passive in design for energy efficiency. Australian homes are responsible for approximately 24% of national electricity use, and 12% of total carbon emissions across the country with priorities historically laying in a budget builder’s bottom […]

8 great reasons to choose a knockdown rebuild

It’s a common occurrence – to look around your home and come to a profound realisation that you’ve fallen out of love with it. When the feeling dawns on you, you start to explore your options. You might consider building a new home, but you love where you live. You might go down the path […]

The benefits of building an energy-efficient home

Building a home that’s energy-efficient just makes sense. There are many benefits to living in an energy-efficient home. It minimises your footprint on the planet, it makes your home more comfortable and liveable, it saves you money and it’s healthier for you and your family. At Hamlan, we have made it a priority to build […]

Modern facade for Aspect range homes.
Modern facades and acreage design join our Aspect range

At Hamlan, we strive to be on the cutting-edge in new homes that suit the evolving lifestyles and landscapes of our region. Over the last six months, our team has been working on two new facades with unique yet timeless appeal and an acreage barn-style home which we’re excited to release. At Hamlan we always […]

Lifestyle Acreage Property in Geelong.
How to plan ahead for your dream acreage property

A lifestyle acreage property can provide you with your very own slice of country paradise – the perfect escape from the busyness of life. Whether your vision is a sprawling estate that looks over rolling hills or a custom-built home that makes the most of its coastal location, an acreage block allows you the space […]

trendy kitchen interior design
Popular home building trends of 2022

When you build a new house, you want to create a home that fulfills your immediate needs but also has long-term appeal to future buyers. Home building trends constantly evolve with new tech, better materials and improved building techniques. So let’s take a look at some popular home-building trends of 2022.   Biophilic Designs Perhaps […]

Cumberland 266 display home with the Newport façade.
Step inside our Cumberland 266 display: an American-influenced architectural design

At Hamlan we’re always striving to be on the cutting edge of design bringing new looks to the market that will stand the test of time and our new Cumberland 266 display home with the Newport façade is a great example of this. Introducing the Newport facade The Newport facade is a classic American-influenced architectural […]

Wall panels as resurging design trends for homes.
Interior design trend: how to use wall panelling in your home

Design trends come and go – and one trend that has really made a resurgence is wall panelling. Wall panelling is a design detail that can be referenced back throughout history – from French interior design in the late 17th century through to the plywood panelling made popular in the 1970s. But whatever the era, […]

Johanna interior design joins the Aspect range.
Introducing: our Johanna 201 and Johanna 257

After so much interest in our new Johanna 247 design, the Hamlan design team have developed two new Johanna floorplans to join the Aspect range. The central courtyard is still an important design feature in these two new homes and it creates an easy flow to your outdoor area, whether you have an outlook you […]

Top 5 things to consider when designing an acreage home

Building a luxury home on an acreage block is a dream for many Australians. These large rural properties offer a number of advantages, including privacy and a peaceful country lifestyle, unbelievably scenic views, and plenty of space for hobbies, outdoor activities or livestock. However, there are a number of things you need to consider when […]

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