The hallmarks defining Hamlan

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Hamlan has built itself an outstanding reputation for building functional, beautifully finished homes. But how did we get to this point?

It doesn’t happen overnight – it’s based on years of hard work and dedication to delivering the very best in design and construction.

For 40 years, Hamlan, Geelong’s largest locally owned and operated builder, has mastered what we call Hamlan’s Hallmarks – eight defining elements of design, construction and delivery that tell our story long after we’ve gone.

These are the Hallmarks you can always expect from Hamlan:

  • Architectural Innovation
    “Focused on cutting-edge designs, every one of our homes is infused with architectural flair.”We understand that every client has different needs. It is for that reason we have multiple ranges of architecturally designed homes that include a high level of detail to suit different landscapes, tastes and lifestyles.Our Aspect Range of homes is inspired by the space and freedom of the region’s coastal areas, its emphasis is on flexibility. Each design has multiple options that allow the layout to be configured to suit the client’s individual needs.Our focus on architectural innovation is why we continue to win prestigious awards from the HIA (Housing Industry Association) and the MBA (Master Builders Association) and continue to be at the forefront of trends that are designed to suit our local landscapes and lifestyles.Rippleside 181356, Hamlan
  • Local Perspective
    “As locals ourselves, we’re familiar with the region’s lifestyles, landscapes and suppliers.”Hamlan’s origins began in Anglesea, where we began rebuilding homes after the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires. Since then, staying local has been an integral part of how we approach our work. Our team are local, we live and breathe in the region and so everyone involved in each build has first-hand knowledge of the area.We’re also heavily involved in the community and are proud supporters of local groups, sporting clubs and charities including Read the Play, RISE Program, Geelong Community Foundation, G21, Committee for Geelong and Geelong Chamber of Commerce.We’re also proud of the part we’ve played in building some of the region’s newest communities including Armstrong at Mount Duneed in Armstrong Creek.
  • Coastal Heritage
    “Our homes often reference our Great Ocean Road origins – from view enhancing designs to coastal materials and colour palettes.”When it comes to design and style, Hamlan draws inspiration from the Great Ocean Road and its surrounds. Many of our designs are named after local landmarks.Our Aspect range has been named after waterways throughout the region from the Aire 207, named after the beautiful Aire River, through to the Erskine 230, named after the waterfall. All materials are also specifically chosen to reflect and complement the beautiful landscapes of this region.HamlanAspect 10674, Hamlan
  • Craftsmanship
    “We’re proud of our reputation for quality finishes using superior materials.”To build homes that stand the test of time, Hamlan only uses quality suppliers, superior materials and supports local businesses. As a local builder, we support about 150 local subcontractors who are the backbone of our business. Being part of the bigger Hamlan family, our subcontractors and suppliers understand the high expectations that come with constructing a Hamlan home. And the standard of craftsmanship we deliver can only be executed because of them.With Hamlan’s guaranteed Quality Assurance system that our site managers are guided by, all our builds have the highest standard of quality and this ensures we continue to build the best homes we can.We’re proud of the work we produce and want every customer to have the same confidence in their new home as we do.HH Subbies 105996, Hamlan
  • Flexibility
    “Our homes can be tailored to suit your individual lifestyle.”
    Each of our designs comes with options allowing you to configure the layout to suit how you and your family will live in the home.
  • Personalised Service
    “We believe that truly great results are achieved through communication and personal service.”Communication and personalised service is important to Hamlan. This is why when people choose to build with Hamlan they work one-on-one with our experts from the start right through to the completion of the build.Firstly, a client is partnered with a new home consultant who guides them through the process of choosing the ideal home to suit their family and lifestyle. This new home consultant continues to work with clients throughout all internal processes until the client is introduced to the site manager who becomes the single point of contact for the entire build. During the building process, clients receive a weekly personal phone call with updates on the progress of their home.Clients also work with our interior design team, who help bring their home to life by guiding them through the selection of internal and external finishes at a consultation in our Style Studio. We’re proud of the great rapport we form with clients throughout their build – and this relationship usually doesn’t end when they move into their new home. Our clients often refer our services to their friends and families, and come back to us when they’re ready to build their next new home.
  • Sustainability
    “We’ve made it a priority to build more energy efficient homes”
    Hamlan is committed to building more energy efficient homes — homes that not only minimise the impact on the environment but create comfortable, mindful spaces for our clients. With a range of energy-saving features that come standard with our homes including Tesla Powerall, every Hamlan home embeds energy efficiency as a central part of its design process.
  • Transparency
    “We emphasise transparency and openness to maintain the trust of our clients and suppliers.”
    We take pride in our transparency. From the very first time a client walks into our display homes, we want them to feel as though the discussion they have with our new home consultant is open and honest, and to feel confident that the same level of transparency continues throughout the rest of their new home journey.Hamlan’s Hallmarks defines who we are as a builder and what we stand for. Clients can feel confident that if they choose Hamlan, they’ve chosen a builder that they can trust.
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